In English

My name is Vanda Krizsán,

I live in Békéscsaba with my mom. I started to pay attention to dogs on 2007. That’s when I bought my first dog called Lucy. She was a stubborn and wayward beagle. I raised her from the very first moment very strictly, we went to dog training together and finished it with excellent results on the final examination. After that, my dad and I started her Agility trainig. She did masterly in it. I’ve got international repute by her but beyond that I’ve got the most wonderful memories and I cannot be glad enough for her for them.

In 2010 we participated in the IMCA & PAWC Agility Worldcup qualifying series and we successfully got into the best 15, within that, into the best 5 in our size cathegory. After that, in the first week of September we took part as the member of the Hungarian National Team the IMCA & PAWC Agility World Cup in Switzerland.

In this year, because of volleyball, my other hobby, I had to stop the Agility. My dad keeps going to competitions with Lucy and she’s doing the best which we expect from her.


In 2012, I got the idea that I want to start over competing because it is an amazing job to do. However I set aside the Agility because of the lack of time, I started thinking about exhibitions. I was dreaming about establishing a kennel with Lucy and becoming a dog breeder at a very young age.

And why exactly Havanese?

When my mom came up with the idea of having a lovely little dog again, the first thought I had that I wanted to have one from a dog shelter because they are really the most grateful creatures you can have. Nevertheless, I wanted to have a dog whom I can carry to shows, so I started looking for one with few instincts so it’s easy to share a place with it. Also, I wanted to have a docile and receptive dog. So these are the main reasons why I choose Havanese. I was looking for the perfect species for weeks and months when I found the Pearl Eyed Bears Kennel’s page. I instantly fell on love with one little puppy with ginger hair so I distrained it immediately. I was following her growth day by day. That’s how out love has begun.

Vanda Krizsán